Bacharach Tru-Pointe® 2100 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Tru-Pointe 2100 Series*

The Bacharach Tru-Pointe® 2100 is a state-of-the-art electronic ultrasonic leak detector and condition monitor used by maintenance personnel for leak detection, preventive and predictive maintenance (PPM) and scheduled maintenance in a variety of industries. Using patented signal processing, the Tru-Pointe 2100® is the most accurate and repeatable ultrasonic inspection instrument in its class. The Tru-Pointe® 2100 is extremely sensitive to the "sound" of leaks and friction in commercial and industrial systems and provides the most precise readings available.

The first of its kind, the Tru-Pointe® 2100 uses two software-controlled sensors for the detection of airborne leak sounds and for the detection and location of solid-borne sounds from leaks and bearing wear. For ease of use and interpretation, the Tru-Pointe® 2100 has two digital LED displays, a 20-segment bargraph display with peak hold and an alphanumeric display for instrument settings and precision measurements.

The Tru-Pointe® 2100 detects air and gas leaks in two frequency bands for isolating leaks: 26 kHz-34 kHz (low) and 34 kHz-42 kHz (high). Using the detachable Touch Probe sensor, the instrument detects internal leaks in two ultrasonic bands: 16 kHz-24 kHz (low) and 34 kHz-42 kHz (high). Additionally, it has the capability to function like a stethoscope, using an industry-exclusive acoustic band, 0-10kHz.


  • Capable of detecting a 5 PSI leak out of a 0.005" hole, 30 to 40 feet away (depending on background noise)
  • Capable of detecting ANY gas leaks, regardless of chemical property or concentration
  • Ideal for steam trap testing, detecting bearing wear, gas and valve leaks
  • Unaffected by wind or temperature fluctuations, other sounds or gases in the test area
  • Unique AudioZoom™ volume control
  • Kit includes the Tru Pointe® 2100, high-quality noise attenuating headphones, 6" Touch Probe. segmented 3’ extension Touch Probe, 6" Wave Guide, all packed in a hard plastic carrying case
More Information
Features Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
Manufacturer Bacharach
Measurement Ultrasonic Leak
Type Leak Detectors
Additional Skus 0028-8003, 0028-8013
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