Flex-Core FCL-R Series Flexible Split-Core Current Transformers - 400:5A - 4000:5A Current Ratio w/2-3/4" x 6-5/8" Rectangular Window

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FCL-R Series*

The Flex-Core FCL-R series is a flexible split-core current transformer which was designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current. The FCL-R series features a flexible core which is constructed from directional silicon steel. The secondary windings are made up of copper. The FCL-R series is also encapsulated in silicon rubber which protects against moisture, dirt, oil and corona.

The FCL-R series also features a 0.72 kV BIL (10 kV Full Wave) insulation level, a thermal factor of 1.25 at 30°C (86°F) & 1.0 at 55°C (131°F) and 12 ft. leads with spade connectors. The FCL-R flexible split-core current transformers are also UL-rated and meet IEC 60044-1 standards.


  • Flexible core for easy installation on bus bars & conductors
  • For use with any 5 Amp indicating or recording ammeter or Amp or Watt Transducer
  • 12 Ft. Secondary Leads with spade connectors
  • 2-3/4" x 6-5/8" Rectangular Window Diameter
  • Accuracy:
    • 200:5A to 300:5A - 4%
    • 400:5A to 500:5A - 3%
    • 600:5A to 800:5A - 2%
    • 1000:5A to 6000:5A - 1%
  • Insulation Level: 0.72 kV BIL (10 kV Full Wave)
  • Thermal Factor: 1.25 at 30°C (86°F) & 1.0 at 55°C (131°F)
  • Operating Temperature: -45°C to +55°C (-49°F to 131°F)
  • UL Recognized and meets IEC 60044-1 standard


  • 5 Amp Indicating Ammeters
  • Watt Transducer
  • Current Transducer
  • KWH Meter
  • Demand Meter
  • Power Factor Meter
  • Current Sensing Relays
  • Energy Management Systems

Additional Info

  • Spade Connectors
  • No
  • 720V
More Information
Diameter 2.75" x 6.62" window
Features Split-Core CT
Manufacturer Flex-core
Ratio 1000:5 ACA, 1200:5 ACA, 1500:5 ACA, 1600:5 ACA, 2000:5 ACA, 2400:5 ACA, 2500:5 ACA, 3000:5 ACA, 3500:5 ACA, 4000:5 ACA, 400:5 ACA, 500:5 ACA, 600:5 ACA, 800:5 ACA
Type Current Transformers
Additional Skus FCL400/5-R, FCL500/5-R, FCL600/5-R, FCL800/5-R, FCL1000/5-R, FCL1200/5-R, FCL1500/5-R, FCL1600/5-R, FCL2000/5-R, FCL2400/5-R, FCL2500/5-R, FCL3000/5-R, FCL3500/5-R, FCL4000/5-R
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