Fluke Electronics FLK-3561/3502 FC Vibration Monitor KIT

FLK-3561/3502 FC KITS**

The Fluke FLK-3561/3502 FC Vibration Monitor KIT makes predictive maintenance fast and scalable. Catch common faults by deploying a network of vibration screening sensors. When used together, the 3502 FC and 3561 FC provide a non-invasive vibration monitoring solution that allows teams to decrease maintenance routes. Screening techniques help personnel triage equipment health and extend asset life. Compact, wireless gateways and sensors offer a scalable and affordable screening option. Install the 10-1,000 Hz wireless sensor and begin gathering data immediately. Use the sensor to remotely monitor dangerous or hard-to-reach places for three years. Be alerted to conditional changes with alarming based on the Fluke Overall Vibration Safety (FOVS) scale. Monitor vibration measurements to detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear faults. The Fluke Connect™ system grades asset health from 37 machine categories, enabling you to decrease routes and improve uptime by giving you actionable insights.

Each KIT includes: (1) 3502 FC Vibration Gateway, (4) FLK-3561 FC Vibration Sensors, Fluke Condition Monitoring™ (FCCM) software subscription for each sensor, epoxy, epoxy application instructions & Manual

FLUKE 3502 FC Vibration Gateway:

  • Aggregates data via Bluetooth of up to 20 Fluke 3561 FC Vibration Sensors
  • Streams the sensor data to the FCCM software via a Wi-Fi connection
  • Remote monitoring: View continuous stream of real-time and historical vibration data from remote assets
  • Bluetooth type: Low Energy 4.1
  • IP Rating: IP 67
  • Wi-Fi connection required
  • AC power required

FLK-3561 FC Vibration Sensors:

  • Wireless, compact sensors for a scalable remote monitoring solution
  • Alarms based on user-defined or Fluke Overall Vibration Severity (FOVS) scale thresholds
  • Capture rate: One data point every 90 seconds
  • Visualize data with software trending and graphing
  • Remotely view real-time and historical triaxial vibration, surface temperature data
  • Choose from 1- or 3-year software licenses (where applicable)
  • Battery life: 3 years (varies by usage)
  • Frequency response range: 10 to 1,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth type: Low Energy 4.1
  • IP Rating: IP 67
More Information
Manufacturer Fluke Electronics
Type Vibration Meters
Additional Skus FLUKE3561/3502FC, 3561/3502 FC, 3561/3502FC, FLK3561/3502FC, FLK-3561/3502FC, FLK-3561/3502 FC, FLK3561/3502FC3YR, FLK-3561/3502 FC 3YR
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