Honeywell 3029AN - High-Resolution VRS Sensor - 170V P-P min Output w/ 5/8-18 UNF-2A 1.1" Thread

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The Honeywell 3009/3029/3039 Series is a high-resolution VRS (Variable Reluctant Speed) sensor used for speed sensing applications where a precise timing pulse is required and/or fine pitch gears are used. In these applications, the proper alignment of the sensor is critical.

The 3009/3029/3039 series meets Mil-Std 202F Method 204D vibration standards, is made with a 5/8-18 UNF-2A mounting thread and comes with a 1.1" (28 mm) thread length.

  • Output Voltage: 170V P-P min.
  • Thread Length: 1.1 inches (28 mm)
  • Coil Resistance: 910-1200 Ohms
  • Min. Surface Speed: 10 IPS (.25 m/Sec) Typical
  • Gear Pitch Range: 36 DP or Coarser
  • Operating Temperature: -67-250°F (-55-120°C)
  • Meets Mil-Std 202F Method 204D Vibration Standards
  • Mates with 41010, 41010VR Connectors or CA210 Cable Assembly


Additional Info

  • VRS Sensors
  • Connector
More Information
Manufacturer Honeywell
Length 1.1" Thread Length
Output 170V P-P
Size 5/8-18 UNF-2A
Type VRS Sensors
spec_sheet Electro_3009AN-3029AN-3039AN.pdf
UPC 78454923663
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