Honeywell 3040A25 - Power Output VRS Sensor - 70V P-P Output w/ 5/8-18 UNF-2A 2.5" Thread

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The Honeywell 3040A25 is a Power output VRS (Variable Reluctant Speed)sensor which is designed for driving low resistance loads at large air gaps in applications where larger actuators may be used. Passive VRS Magnetic Speed sensors are simple, rugged devices that do not require an external voltage source for operation. A permanent magnet in the sensor establishes a fixed magnet field. The approach and passing of a ferrous metal target near the sensor's pole piece (sensing area) changes the flux lines of the magnetic field, dynamically changing it's strength. This change in magnetic field strength induces a current into a coil winding which is attached to the output terminals.

The output signal of a VRS sensor is an AC Voltage that varies in amplitude and wave frequency as the speed of the monitored device changes, and is usually expressed in peak to peak voltage (V P-P). One complete waveform (cycle) occurs as each target passes the sensor's pole piece. If a standard gear were used as a target, this output signal would resemble a sine wave if displayed on an oscilloscope.


  • Output Voltage: 70V P-P min.
  • Thread Length: 2.5" (63.5 mm)
  • Coil Resistance: 120-162 Ohms
  • Min. Surface Speed: 15 IPS (.38 m/Sec) Typical
  • Gear Pitch Range: 12 DP or Coarser
  • Operating Temperature: -67-250°F (-55-120°C)
  • Self Powered Operation
  • Simple Installation
  • Designed for use over a wide range of speeds
  • Direct conversion of actuator speed to output frequency
  • Mates with 41010, 41010VR Connectors or CA210-R Cable Assembly

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  • VRS Sensors
  • Connector
More Information
Manufacturer Honeywell
Length 2.5" Thread Length
Output 70V P-P
Size 5/8-18 UNF-2A
Type VRS Sensors
UPC 78454934813
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