Honeywell 58423LV Digital Mag. Speed Sensor - 1.0" Thread 3/8-24 UNF-2A, 5-15 DCV

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Honeywell's 584XX Series Digital Magnetic Speed Sensors combine active electronics with features of Variable Reluctance Sensors in a single package. The 584XX Series produce constant amplitude output signals suitable for direct use in many digital and logic control applications. Because the digital signal conditioning is done internally, interface circuitry is no longer required. This circuit changes the waveform generated by the sensor coil into a digital square-wave output.


  • 58423LV = 1.0" Thread Length
  • 58423LV = 5-15 DCV Supply Voltage
  • Senses moving ferrous metal
  • Output signal of integrated circuit allows for direct use in digital equipment. Minimizes the need for interface circuitry, reducing installation and maintenance cost
  • Enhanced stability due to precisely-matched components
  • Excellent resistance to water, oil, shock and vibration damage extend product life and operating reliability
  • Wide variety of supply voltages allow application flexibility
  • Pre-leaded or connector versions allow application flexibility
  • Standard thread sizes improve compatibility and interchangeability with other standard types of speed sensors
  • Mates with 41009 / 41009VR connectors or CA310 cable assembly

Additional Info

  • Digital Magnetic & Hall Effect Sensors
  • Leads
More Information
Manufacturer Honeywell
Length 1.0" Thread Length
Output Square Wave Signal
Size 3/8-24 UNF-2A
Type Digital Magnetic & Hall Effect Sensors
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