ITRON Sentinel Multimeasurement KWH Meter

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ITRON Sentinel

PLEASE NOTE: We are only authorized to sell ITRON meters within the state of Michigan!

The ITRON Sentinel series meters are solid-state, electronic, multimeasurement, polyphase meters of exceptional accuracy. These self-contained or transformer-rated meters are designed for use in commercial and industrial locations, including large industrial sites and substations. An advanced analog-to-digital sampling technique samples each incoming current and voltage waveform 32 times per cycle (60 Hz). Voltage and current values are calculated every 2 cycles using true Root Mean Square (RMS) calculation. Volt-amperes are calculated by multiplying the RMS voltage value with the RMS current value, thus providing an arithmetic calculation for VA. The Sentinel meter also allows for a vectorial calculation of VA.


  • Class 0.2 Accuracy
  • 5 Measurement Levels
  • Upgradable Firmware
  • Error & Event Logging
  • SiteScan Onsite Monitoring System
  • SiteScan Diagnostic Snapshots™
  • Flexible Configuration for Various Metering Applications
  • Autoranging Power Supply

Flexible Platform:

  • Electronic circuit boards fit together to perform various functions
  • Transformer input for current and resistive divider input for voltage
  • Analog-to-digital conversion and measurement processing
  • Register, load-profile, real-time clock, and communications processing
  • Input and output board for pulse accumulation or event notification


  • The Sentinel meter uses PSEM (ANSI C12.18-1996) protocol
  • QDIP Protocol
More Information
Features Enclosure Mount
Manufacturer Itron
Measurement Single Phase 2 Wire, Single Phase 3 Wire, Three Phase 3 Wire, Three Phase 4 Wire
Rating 120/208V, 277/480V, 480V
Type KWH Power & Energy Meters
Additional Skus G38-0010, G38-0012, G38-0015, G38-0020, G38-0021, G380010, G80012, G380015, G380020, G380021
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