We have just released our August 2015 Newsletter!

As the summer winds down, it means it's time for the kids to go back to school. And it also means that vacation season is over and it's time to transition back into our normal work schedules. But don't you worry, here at Ram Meter Inc. we have some great new products to help make that transition easier.

Triplett LVPRO Cable & Wire Testers

First up is the LVPRO, a brand NEW series of Cable Testers and Wire Testers from Triplett Test Equipment & Tools. These industry leading cable testers are the testers you need to run a variety of cable testing procedures. From Cable Map, Ethernet Switch Port Blink, Speaker Pop, Cable Length, PoE Volts and Battery Test, the Triplett LVPRO allows you be the PRO in any cable testing situation.

Triplett Power over Ethernet Detector

Next we have another NEW product from Triplett Test Equipment & Tools, the PoE-BUG™ Power over Ethernet Detector. The PoE-BUG™ can detect AF, AT and non-standard DC power. Also, it indicates if PoE is End-Span or Mid-Span with the use of bright LEDs. Overall, the Triplett PoE-Bug™ is a simple plug and play tool that allows the installer to correctly identify PoE without the risk of damaging expensive equipment.

HIOKI HPK-3 Tool Combo Kit

The HIOKI HPK-3 is a combination kit featuring (6) popular Hioki products which will handle all sorts of applications. Consisting of the Hioki 3280-10 Clamp-on HiTester, 3129-10 Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter, IR4056-20 Insulation Tester, 3120 Non-Contact Tester, FT3700-20 Temperature Gun and a DT4255 Digital Multimeter, the HIOKI HPK-3 Tool Kit is a MUST HAVE for all HVAC technicians and Electrical Contractors alike.

ATC/Diversified ARC/ARD Alternating Relays

And lastly we have the ATC/Diversified ARC/ARD Alternating Relays. The ARC/ARD Alternating Relays are 8-pin plug-in duplexors featuring sequence on simultaneous off (SOSO) 3 input function. Specifications include 120 VAC control voltage and SPDT two line voltage outputs with a contact rating of 10A 1/3hp at 120 VAC (combined output). The ATC/Diversified ARC-120-AAA is a standard duplexor while the ATC/Diversified ARD-120-AAA has a 3 position switch which provides the option to lock it into normal duplexing action, 1-2 sequence or 2-1 sequence. Both the ARC & ARD are UL recognized cURus.

So be sure to take a look at our August 2015 Newsletter! to help make the job easier before going BACK TO WORK!