We have just released our February 2014 Newsletter!

This has been one of the COLDEST winter's in recent memor!! Everyone has been affected by the "polar vortex" in one way or another. Snowmen have even been seen sneaking indoors to get out of the frigid weather! But we've got some tools that will make things a little easier!

First up is Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters. Be sure to check out the Kestrel Model 4000 Weather Tracker. The Model 4000 is the most comprehensive pocket weather meter on the market. For just under 4 ounces, you get every environmental reading with the press of a single button!

And with the colder temperatures comes an increased usage in ovens, fireplaces, furnaces and hot water heaters. And this means we must always be aware of the Carbon Monoxide levels in the air. Well look no further, Bacharach has the perfect tool for checking those CO levels....the Bacharach Snifit 50 Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzer is the ideal tool for ambient air safety checks on residential appliances such as fireplaces and ovens, as well as on home inspection and HVAC service on furnaces and hot water heaters.

But what about those who keep warm using propane gases? Amprobe Instruments carries a fast responding gas leak detector for methane and propane gas, the Amprobe GSD600 Gas Analyzer! The GSD600 emits a frequency tone when gas is detected. And the frequency of the beep coincides with the concentration of the gas.

And last but not least is Fluke Electronics. Be sure to check out the powerful and versatile Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer. Whether you are an electrician, electrical contractor, HVAC, industrial maintenance, automotive, or general maintenance, the Fluke VT02 will help you measure with confidence, diagnose problems instantly, and expand your business!

So check out our February 2014 Newsletter! today!