We have just released our July 2015 Newsletter!

Ram Meter Inc. has been a leading supplier of high quality instrumentation for over 78 years. However, did you know that we are much more than just a distributor for your favorite panel meters and test equipment? We also offer Calibration and Repair services, Contract Manufacturing services and we can build all sorts of CUSTOM instrumentation as well.

Calibration & Repair

Our Repair Department can provide warranty and non-warranty repair service on most products along with calibration and certification traceable to NIST.

Contract Manufacturing

We are fully equipped and capable of manufacturing electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical assemblies, from concept through design to production.

Custom Instrumentation

Most of the analog & digital panel meters that we carry are offered with industry standard input ranges and scaling values. But not every application is "standard". Here at Ram Meter Inc. we understand that every application is different and can sometimes require custom input ranges and/or scales. If you can dream it, chances are we can build it!

The "Meter in a Box"

In addition to creating custom input ranges & scale values for our panel meters, we also offer other custom services. One such service is the "meter in a box". Perhaps the analog or digital meter is not going to be mounted in a panel, but still requires a nice clean presentation. Or maybe the application is going to include additional switches or pushbutton controls. We can offer various types of custom enclosures and covers to suit most applications.

So remember, Ram Meter Inc. is much more than just a distributor and supplier for your favorite panel meters and test equipment! As you can see from our
July 2015 Newsletter we can offer much much more!