We have just released our June 2014 Newsletter!

This month we are featuring NEW and EXCITING products from three great manufacturers!

First up is the brand NEW APM (Advanced Panel Meter) Series from Trumeter. This is a fantastic new digital panel meter with a multi-colored programmable display at an amazingly affordable price point.

Next we have the new from Accuenergy all-in-one power & energy metering system known as the from AcuPanel 9100 Series. Designed for use with their Acuvim-L and Acuvim-II series multifunction power and energy meters, the AcuPanel eliminates both time-consuming and costly design and installation and is a perfect solution for retrofit projects where metering space is not pre-designed in the electrical distribution panel.

Lastly is the new AEMC Instruments PowerPad® III power quality analyzer. AEMC just recently discontinued the original; PowerPad® Model 3945 and replaced it with the brand NEW PowerPad® III Model 8333. This unit has everything that the original 3945 had and MORE!

Also of note is the fact that Honeywell Sensing & Control is discontinuing many of their SNDJ series VRS sensors. However, have no fear! We've got you covered! Jaquet Technology Group has crosses for almost ALL of the SNDJ sensors. And we have posted a cross reference listing on our website for you.

In addition, we have included information on many of our current Specials / Promotions (which can be found on our Specials page) as well as links to a handful of Technical Bulletins.

So if you haven't done so already, be sure to checkout our June 2014 Newsletter! TODAY!