We have just released our June 2015 Newsletter!

Summer is almost upon us! And for many of us, that means it's vacation season! However, summer is also a very busy time for the HVAC crowd with all the air-conditioners running at full tilt. And no one knows HVAC better than Bacharach Inc. Bacharach has served the HVAC/R industry for over 100 years with products made in the USA and designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company’s extensive product line includes instruments that detect, measure and record combustion, refrigerant and environmental gases, temperature, humidity and other air quality and safety parameters.

First up is the Bacharach Tru Pointe® IR which is a handheld refrigerant leak detector that utilizes a long-life infrared sensor to locate and effectively pinpoint leaks containing CFC, HFC, HCFC and HFO-1234yf refrigerants.

Next we have the Bacharach Informant® 2 which is a dual purpose combustible gas and refrigerant leak detector which allows pinpoint detection of both refrigerant and combustible gas leaks with the same instrument.

Then there's the Bacharach Snifit® Plus which is a compact personal safety monitor ideal for alerting users when potentially dangerous carbon monoxide conditions are detected.

Next up, we have the Bacharach ECO-2020™ which is a faster, more powerful and more economical compact, high-quality refrigerant recovery machine capable of handling the toughest demands from residential and light-commercial contractors.

And last, but most certainly not least, we have the Bacharach PCA®3 which is a portable combustion analyzer which is perfect for busy technicians and boiler contractors who need to ensure safe operating conditions, determine combustion efficiency and perform emissions testing.

So as you're getting into the swing of things this summer, be sure to check out our June 2015 Newsletter! and be sure you are not left out in the heat!