We have just released our May 2013 Newsletter!

This month we are featuring a selection of Kilowatt Hour (KWH) Energy & Power Management products.

Veris Industries carries a large selection of current sensors, current switches, current transducers, signal conditioners and current transformers which are ideal for both power & energy monitoring applications as well as automation & industrial control type applications.

Check out our selection of Veris Current Sensing Devices TODAY!

In addition to current sensors & current transformers, Veris Industries also carries Kilowatt Hour (KWH) meters for sub-metering applications. The Veris Industries H8150 Series is the IDEAL solution for your basic sub-metering applications.

And while the Veris H8150 series is the ideal solution for your basic sub-metering applications, National Meter Instruments (NMI) has a brand new digital power meter which does much much more! The NRG96 measures and records all kinds of extra things. This meter measures active, inductive reactive, capacitive reactive & apparent power. It measures harmonics, neutral current & demand. And, the NRG96 will measure both single-phase AND three-phase systems up to 220V.

Check out the National Meter Industries NRG96 meter TODAY!

And last but not least, we have just added our Ram Meter 500T series of split-core transformers to our website. The 500T series features 8-32 brass stud terminals, can measure from 300A up to 6000A and is available with multiple window sizes to meet most applications.

Check out the Ram Meter 500T Series split-core current transformers and configure the CT for your metering application TODAY!

So take a few moments to check out our May 2013 Newsletter!. We have the power & energy monitoring solution for YOU!