We have just released our October 2013 Newsletter!

This month we have gone back to our roots! We are highlighting many of the "core" products that have shaped us over these past 77 years and helped get us to where we are today. These are our "bread and butter"!

First up are the Analog Panel Meters. Some may think these are old technology and obsolete, but that's the furthest thing from the truth. Analog panel meters are still extremely popular and highly desired for many applications and in many different industries. And here at Ram Meter Inc., we carry a large selection of analog panel meters to meet all of your needs.

Next up are the Digital Panel Meters. Maybe an analog panel meter isn't quite your style. Perhaps a crystal clear digital display is what you're looking for. Well look no further! We carry a large selection of digital panel meters for all applications as well.

And what type of meter supplier would we be if we didn't carry current transformers and current shunts to go along with those analog and digital panel meters? Therefore, we carry a large selection of BOTH!

Another everyday product that gets used in all sorts of applications and environments are Timers. From Interval timers to Repeat Cycle timers to On Delay & Off Delay timers to Delayed Relay timers and Pushbutton timers, we have the solution to your timing needs!

We have also been busy adding NEW product lines to our mix in order to give YOU, the customer, more of a selection. So be sure to check those out as well!

And in addition to our featured products, we are also highlighting the current "Specials / Promotions" that we are running. There are definitely some GREAT deals there!

So take a few moments to check out our October 2013 Newsletter!. You won't be disappointed!