We have just released our September 2014 Newsletter!

This month we are focusing on a manufacturer that has been around for 22 years:

This month's newsletter highlights a handful of Veris's most popular products, including the product that started it all for them, the Hawkeye Current Sensors, which are widely known as the industry standard for proof of flow. In addition, Veris also leads the way with a line of innovative power/energy monitoring solutions that save both time AND money! And if that's not enough, Veris also carries a large selection of Humidity products, Leak Detection products, Setpoint devices, Relays and even Test Equipment! For inquiries on these types of products, CONTACT US and we will make sure you are taken care of right away!

We are also featuring one of our popular new power and energy meters made by Schneider Electric: the DM6200 PowerLogic digital power meter. The DM6200 features a bright, alphanumeric 15 mm (0.50") high LED display which provides 3 lines for measurement values with 4 digits per line. This display auto-scales for Kilo, Mega and Giga values while auto-scrolling mode allows for easy reading.

In addition, we have included links to a handful of Technical Bulletins as well as links to some things on our NEWS page that you may not have realized existed.

So if you haven't done so already, be sure to checkout our September 2014 Newsletter! TODAY!