Dranetz REDUCES pricing on PowerVisa & PowerGuide PQ Analyzers!

We are pleased to announce new and exciting pricing for the Dranetz PowerVisa and PowerGuide Power Quality Analyzers! These units have been REDUCED to match the promotional pricing offered during last years' "Sizzling Summer Special" promotion. And this price reduction represents approximately a 15% savings!

According to Ross Ignall, Director of Product Management at Dranetz: "When compared to the competition, our products are far superior, provide the best data, are the easiest to use and have the best software by far (Dran-View). And now we’ve removed pricing as a barrier. With these new prices, Dranetz closely matches those of our nearest competitors."

Dranetz is also currently running a promotion that gives FREE SOFTWARE with the purchase of any PowerVisa, PowerGuide or Energy Platform units. Combine the new lower prices with FREE software and you've got a WINNING combination!

So be sure to check out all things DRANETZ on our website TODAY!