FLUKE Electronics has released the NEW CNX Wireless Tools! Take measurements from up to 10 different devices on 1 multimeter.....wirelessly!

Start with the Fluke CNX3000, which is the captain of the wireless team. With the CNX3000 Wireless Multimeter, you see live measurements from multiple modules simultaneously and remotely on a single screen. The CNX3000 Wireless Multimeter displays the meter measurement, plus readings from up to 3 wireless modules, as far as 20 meters away. By seeing multiple readings at the same time, troubleshooters can see cause and effect, interactions between inputs/outputs or other measurement points, simultaneously and remotely. If more than three readings are required from more modules, add an optional PC adapter to your laptop for real time viewing of up to 10 modules.

The CNX wireless enabled modules measure AC voltage, AC current and temperature, which display on the CNX Wireless Multimeter. Choose a standard clamp or flexible clamp to measure AC current. Mix and match modules to suit your unique measurement needs. Read the primary measurement on the main display, and up to three modules at any one time. Modules are available separately or as part of CNX kits.

View Fluke's Application Notes on how Wireless Tools Can Cut Troubleshooting Time

View Fluke's Wireless Tools Application Illustration

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