Introducing the all NEW Megger CFL510G (TDR1000/2) TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) & Cable Fault Locator!

The CFL510G is a hand held, compact Time Domain Reflectometer for locating faults on metallic cables. This unit has a simple selection option which, together with a four-way control switch, offers an intuitive operation for the user.

The CFL510G is primarily designed for linemen in both the communication and power industries. Specific capabilities include:


Specific line activities identified by this unit include:

  • Bridge taps and splices
  • Presence of water in the cable
  • Opens in tip, ring, or sheath
  • Shorts between tip, ring, and/or sheath
  • Capacitive networks
  • Load coils
  • Wet splices and high-resistance splices


Specific cable conditions identified include:

  • Bends or crimps in the cable
  • Cuts or shorts in the cable
  • Taps and splits
  • Water saturation


An ideal tool for identifying faults on secondary power cables. This unit identifies:

  • Burnouts in aluminum conductors
  • Good splices, wet splices, and high-resistance splices
  • Shorts between phases

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