We have just added a whole new section to the "Panel Meters & Instrumentation" category on our website for the Yokogawa ROTAMETERS. The Rotameters are available in metal and glass and can be custom ordered to fit your application.

The Yokogawa Model RAMC is a short-stroke Rotameter which allows the measurement of high flow rates using a relative short metering tube. It is a stainless steel armored construction for the safe measurement of a variety of liquids, gas and steam. It’s special application is for hazardous, dangerous or aggressive fluids, for high temperatures and high pressure rates. The instrument is mounted in a vertical pipeline with flow direction upwards.

The Yokogawa Model RAKD is a small metal Rotameter which differentiates itself from other comparable variable area meters by means of light and guided float design offering the smallest measurable flow ranges in the market. RAKD meters can be fitted with a fine control valve and are designed with horizontal process connections.

The Yokogawa Model RAGN is designed for continuous flow measurement of liquids and gases. The fluid passes through the metering tube from bottom to top and consequently needs to be installed vertically and flow direction is upwards. The conical glass metering tube includes a free rotating float which provides self stabilization. The actual flow is indicated by the top of the float and can be directly read from the scale on the metering tube. The Rotameter RAGN is the world´s first Glass Rotameter suitable for SIL applications and is also compliant with the Machinery Directive ISO 13849.

The Yokogawa Model RAGL is specifically designed for the measurement of low flows of liquids and gases. The main application field is in purging, analyzer and gas sampling systems, laboratories and machinery equipment. Integrated needle valves are optionally available and are used for the fine adjustment of the flow. These simple and affordable Rotameters have a very broad application range, large variety in cones and floats and decades of proven design. The Rotameter RAGL completes Yokogawa´s Metal and Glass Rotameter Portfolio suitable for SIL applications and applications complying to the Machinery Directive.


  • Patended float blockage detection
  • Suitable for applications according to IEC 61508 and ISO 13849
  • Intrinsically safe outputs or explosion proof housing available
  • Spacer for high/low temperature applications
  • Special material like Monel and Hastelloy on request
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Needle valves for fine adjustment of flow
  • Negligible pressure loss
  • Cost-effective solution

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