Introducing the NEW ATC / Diversified ARC/ARD Sequence On Simultaneous Off (SOSO) Alternating Controllers!

Troy, Michigan - August 3rd, 2015 - ATC / Diversified is pleased to announce the NEW ARC/ARD Sequence On Simultaneous Off (SOSO) Alternating Controllers.

The ATC Diversified ARC/ARD Alternating Controllers are 8-pin plug-in duplexors featuring sequence on simultaneous off (SOSO) 3 input function. The duplexor detects the float switch inputs and determines outputs to turn on with line voltage. As the lag and lead switches open the load remains energized. When all switches open both loads de-energize simultaneously and the lead load alternates. Specifications include 120 VAC control voltage and SPDT two line voltage outputs with a contact rating of 10A 1/3hp at 120 VAC (combined output). The ARC-120-AAA is a standard duplexor while the ARD-120-AAA has a 3 position switch which provides the option to lock it into normal duplexing action, 1-2 sequence or 2-1 sequence. Both the ARC & ARD are UL recognized cURus.


  • Sequence On Simultaneous Off (SOSO)
  • 120 VAC Control Voltage
  • LED indicators shows output position
  • 8-pin plug-in termination
  • UL Recognized cURus

For more information, check out the ATC / Diversified ARC/ARD Alternating Controllers on our website TODAY!

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