Introducing the NEW Triplett PoE-BUG Power over Ethernet Detector!

Troy, Michigan - August 3rd, 2015 - Triplett is pleased to announce the Model 9625 PoE-BUG Power over Ethernet Detector

The Triplett Model 9625 PoE-Bug™ is a Power over Ethernet detector that can detect AF, AT and non-standard DC power. Also, it indicates if PoE is End-Span or Mid-Span with the use of bright LEDs. Overall, the PoE-Bug™ is a simple plug and play tool that allows the installer to correctly identify PoE without the risk of damaging expensive equipment.


  • Tests RJ45 Ethernet ports for the presence of DC power
  • Tests for both End-Span and Mid-Span power
  • Detects 802.3AF, 802.3AT and Non-standard DC power from 5-57 DCV
  • Compact Design
  • Powered by PoE
  • Easy-to-read Bright LEDs
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Test RJ45 jacks for PoE
  • Test for PoE type
  • Protect expensive LAN tester for damaging PoE

For more information, check out the Triplett 9625 PoE-BUG Power over Ethernet Detector on our website TODAY!

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