Introducing the Bacharach Stinger® Refrigerant Recovery System!

Troy, Michigan - May 30th, 2013 - The weather is changing! Temperatures are rising! Blue skies and sunshine are in the forecast! And we all know what that means.......summertime is upon us! And when the heat becomes just too unbearable, we all run for the air conditioning, right?!

But what happens when the air conditioning stops working?

That's right, it gets HOT! Scorching, sweltering, roasting, burning, etc. We've all been there before, and it's definitely no fun at all.

For those of you in the HVAC industry, why make your customers suffer any longer than they need to? Well, you're in luck! We've got a product from Bacharach that will help keep those air conditioners up and running and keeping their cool!

Introducing the Bacharach Stinger® Refrigerant Recovery System.

The Bacharach Stinger® is one of the highest quality refrigerant recovery units on the market. Its powerful compressor will pump refrigerants at a quick pace while preventing pollutants from escaping into the environment. This refrigerant recovery machine has been designed with R410A in mind, but will handle almost all other types of refrigerants, and is perfect for residential and light commercial contractors.

The Stinger® features an easy-to-read, low vacuum/tank full LED display and a vacuum shut off allowing for unattended recovery operation. The unit is capable of pumping virigin refrigerant without damaging the compressor and is self-purging, which means no hose changes! With improved packaging to protect its knobs and gauges, a convenient carrying strap and labeling on the rear of the unit with directions for proper connection, the Stinger® refrigerant recovery system is the perfect tool for any HVAC technician.

In addition, the Stinger® has earned the trusted AHRI Performance Certified™ Seal, an assurance of the product's performance in accordance with ARI Standard 740.

So if you're in the HVAC industry, don't let the heat make this summer unbearable for your customers! Get your very own Bacharach Stinger® on order TODAY!

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