Megger introduces the NEW MIT1525 15kV / 30 TOhm Insulation Tester!

Troy, Michigan - February 13th, 2014 - Megger has added to their lineup of insulation testers with a brand NEW 15kV / 30 TOhm addition to the MIT series. The MIT1525!

The current Megger MIT range of 5 kV and 10 kV range was launched in May 2012, building on a success story of experience and innovation. Since then the success has continued building a huge customer base just like their predecessors. Over the years, customers have summed up their reasons to buy as: "We buy these instruments because they work!"

The latest range has proven to be an unrivalled combination of testing performance, simplicity to use, toughness, reliability and convenient small size and light weight. Megger is now the first company to develop an instrument that combines all of these attributes with a 15 kV output.

With new developments in insulation material technology, the trend is moving towards the use of higher test voltages, indeed Megger has seen a big increase in 10kV instrument sales over the last 3 years. Apart from the obvious benefits of increasing test voltage relating to the increase in test current, higher test voltage requirements have appeared in a number of standards, notably 10 kV in IEEE43 :2000.

However 15 kV is now in demand as engineers experience earlier degradation detection and better fault detection on high voltage equipment. Many power utilities in South America have already incorporated 15 kV testing into their procedures and this trend is now spreading into Europe, Middle East and Asia. In the US NETA standards specify 15 kV. The NETA Pearl reconditioning standard / NETA MTS-1997 specifies 15 kV testing on equipment with a maximum voltage rating of 35 kV and above. Motors tested to NETA ATS 2007 with 34,500 V or above on their name plate also require testing at 15kV.

Megger MIT1525 Features:

  • 15kV / 30 TOhm measurement range
  • Industry best guard terminal accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and use
  • PI, IR, DAR, DD, SV and Ramp Test
  • Unique dual case design provides additional user protection
  • Lithium-ion battery - extended capacity, rapid charge
  • Advanced memory with time/date stamp
  • CAT-IV 1000V safety rating on all terminals

For more information, check out the Megger MIT1525 Insulation Tester on our website TODAY!

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