Introducing the Veris Industries E51 Enhanced Power & Energy Meter!

Troy, Michigan - June 19th, 2013 - Looking for a solution to your energy management needs? Do you need a product that can handle your commercial submetering applications? Well look no further! Veris Industries has just added such a product to their E5x Series of Energy & Power Meters. The Model E51!

The Veris Industries E5x Series combines exceptional performance and easy installation to deliver a cost effective solution for power monitoring applications. And with the addition of the new model E51, which offers an ANSI 12.20 0.2% accuracy (IEC 62053-22 Class 0.25), these meters are "revenue grade", ensuring accuracy in billing and crediting for commercial submetering applications.

Another great aspect of the model E51 is the bi-directional monitoring feature. This was designed for renewable energy applications as it allows the measurement of power imported from the utility grid as well as power exported from the renewable energy source, like a solar panel or wind turbine. This helps a facility administrator to track all of the necessary energy data. In addition, pulse inputs provide an easy way to incorporate simple flow sensors to track gas, water, steam and other forms of energy using a BACnet system.

The E51 also features a data logging capability which will protect all of your saved data in case a power failure occurs. Combinations of serial communications, pulse output and phase alarms are also available to help make the E51 an extremely versatile power & energy meter to suit a variety of applications.

So check out the Veris Industries E51 Power & Energy Meter TODAY!

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