Why Should You Use Fluke IR Windows?

Troy, Michigan - April 9th, 2013 - Fluke Electronics Corporation has recently come out with a selection of IR windows for use with their many thermal imagers. But why do you need an IR window? There are actually many reasons! You may be surprised!

OK, now picture this: You, the thermographer, are tasked with taking your thermal imaging device to inspect live electrical equipment in your plant. And quite often, in order to accomplish this, you must open an electrical panel in order to get a clear line of sight at your target. And in order to take all precautions and to be as safe as possible, you would need to first put on the appropriate personal protection equipment. But that takes time. And time is money, right? And what are the chances that an accident will occur? So you figure you will skip the protective gear and save yourself and your company time and money. And that's when THIS happens.....

Crazy huh??! THAT, my friend, is an Arc Flash! But what exactly IS an arc flash?

According to Fluke Electronics, an industry expert in thermal imaging: "An Arc Flash is a particularly hazardous type of shorting fault. An arc flash occurs when the insulation or air separation between high voltage conductors is compromised. Under these conditions, a plasma arc, or "arc flash" may form between the conductors, unleashing a potentially explosive release of thermal energy. An arc flash can result in considerable damage to equipment and serious injuries to nearby personnel. A study carried out by the US Department of Labor found that, during a 7-year period, 2576 US workers died and over 32,000 suffered injuries from electrical shock and burn injuries. 77% of recorded electrical injuries were due to arc flash incidents. According to statistics compiled by CapSchell Inc (Chicago), every day, in the US alone, there are 5-10 ten arc flash incidents, some fatal."

So what does this have to do with these IR windows?

The installation of IR windows allows a thermographer to inspect live electrical equipment without having to remove protective covers and exposing the equipment, thus keeping themselves out of harm's way. An arc-resistant IR window provides additional protection for the thermographer in the event of an arc flash resulting from unexpected component failures or work on other parts of the system. This substantially reduces the hazard rating for the inspections and, in most cases, may allow the thermographer to work more safely minimizing the need for excessively bulky and cumbersome protective clothing.

But how much can you actually see through a small IR window?

The answer, is quite a bit actually! If you don't believe us, take a look at this
Fluke IR Window Field of View Explanation

So we've covered the safety issues of using Fluke's IR windows. But did you know that it can actually save you quite a bit of money? The Return on Investment for these infrared windows is quite great. Check out the Fluke IR Window ROI Calculator and see for yourself!

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