Complete remote traffic status and monitoring for Red Lion's N-View capable Ethernet switches!

Red Lion Controls has enhanced its N-Tron N-View offering with a new Windows application to support Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 64-bit operating systems.

The N-View software provides complete remote traffic and status monitoring for Red Lion’s N-View capable Ethernet switches: the N-Tron 300-N, 500-N, 500-A, 700, 7000 and NT-24K switch series. N-View capable switches will autocast a small Ethernet packet periodically containing port-by-port status along with switch level parameters. The data is displayed by the N-View Windows application that is provided with all N-Tron N-View capable devices.

Access the materials below to learn more:

N-View Product Notice (.pdf)
N-View Datasheet (.pdf)
N-View OPC Datasheet (.pdf)
N-View Manual (.pdf)