The Red Lion Controls / Sixnet RAM® 9000 Series is now AT&T Certified!

Red Lion Controls has recently announced that their Sixnet RAM® 9000 Series Cellular RTU's are now AT&T Certified.

According to Paul Bunnell, product director for process automation at Red Lion Controls, "We are pleased to announce that our new RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTUs have been certified for use on the AT&T cellular networks in North America. Our compatibility with AT&T’s 4G LTE network illustrates Red Lion’s commitment to providing industrial partners and customers with rugged, high-performance connectivity. By using our industrial cellular products to gain high-speed access to data and video, customers can achieve data rates that were once only available through the use of wired connections."

For more information, check out the Red Lion Controls / Sixnet RAM® 9000 Series Cellular RTU's on our website TODAY!

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