Ram Meter Inc. 76SFT601 Current Transformer - 600:5A Current Ratio


The Ram Meter Inc. 76SFT series of current transformers have a 3.00" diameter window size and a 600V, 10kV BIL insulation class. And with the 200-2000 Amp current range, these current transformers are ideal for all types of current metering applications.


  • 3.00" Window Diameter
  • 600V, 10 kV BIL full wave Insulation Level
  • Available from 200:5A up to 2000:5A ratio
  • Terminals are brass studs No. 8-32 UNC with one flat washer, lockwasher and regular nut.
  • Available in 5 convenient styles: SFT, RT and RBT (with terminals)
    or RL and RBL (with leads)

Additional Information:

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More Information
Diameter 3.00" window
Features Solid-Core CT
Manufacturer Ram Meter Inc.
Ratio 600:5 ACA
Type Current Transformers
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