Red Lion Controls IFMA0065 Signal Conditioner - DIN-Rail Frequency to Analog Converter w/85-250 ACV Power


The Red Lion Model IFMA accepts a frequency input, and outputs an analog voltage or current in proportion to the input frequency, with 0.1% accuracy. The full scale input frequency can be set to any value from 1 Hz to 25 KHz, either with a frequency source, or digitally with the on-board rotary switch and push-button. The IFMA utilizes a seven position DIP switch, a rotary switch, a push-button and two indication LEDs to accomplish input circuit configuration, operational parameter set-up, and Input/Output indication.

The indication LEDs are used during normal operation to display the input and output status of the IFMA. These LEDs are also used to provide visual feedback to the user of the existing parameter settings during parameter set-up. The IFMA operates in one of four output modes. The programmable minimum and maximum response times provide optimal response at any input frequency.

The input circuitry is DIP switch selectable for a variety of sources. and theunit is equipped with a universal mounting foot for attachment to standard DIN style mounting rails.


  • Simple on-line range setting
  • User-selectable full scale frequency from 1 Hz to 25 KHz
  • 4 Output operating ranges (0-5 DCV, 0-10 DCV, 0-20 DCmA & 4-20 DCmA )
  • 85-250 ACV (IFMA0065) and 9-32 DCV (IFMA0035) powered versions available
  • Low frequency cut-out and overrange indication
  • 3-Way electrical isolation (Power/Input/Output)
  • Input and Output indication LED's
More Information
Input Frequency
Manufacturer Red Lion Controls
Output Analog Signal Output
Power ACV
Type Signal Conditioners
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