Senva C-3216 AC Current Transducer - 200/400/600/800A w/5DCV/10DCV/4-20DCmA Output & 15.00" Rogowski Coil


The Senva C-3216 is a Rogowski coil analog transducer which measures high amperage AC current and provides a proportional output for load trending and control. The Rogowski coils offer wide amperages without saturation effects common to iron core sensors. Selectable ranges ensure excellent resolution.


  • Four selectable ranges per model
  • C-3216 = 0-200/400/600/800A (Selectable)
  • 15.00" Rogowski Coil for easy installation
  • Universal Output: 0-5DCV/0-10DCV/4-20DCmA (loop & 3-wire)
  • Space savings, easy to install & compatible with any system
More Information
Diameter 15.00" Window
Input 0-200 ACA, 0-400 ACA, 0-600 ACA, 0-800 ACA
Features Rogowski Coil
Manufacturer Senva
Output 0-5 DCV, 0-10 DCV, 4-20 DCmA
Type Current Transducers
Additional Skus C-3216, C3-216, C3216
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