Shimpo Instruments DT-365 Stroboscope High Intensity LED NEMA 4X Battery Powered (18 LED's)


The Shimpo Instruments DT-365 high-intensity, battery powered LED stroboscope is a velocity analyzing and measuring device that is ideal for machinery process inspection. The DT-365 stroboscope is capable of flashing its LED lights in a synchronous frequency to the operating machinery, creating the illusion of viewing slowed or frozen images. Utilizing this phenomenon of slowing or stopping the motion with the adjusted flash rate of its LED lights, machine parts and processes may be inspected for defects, aiding in preventative maintenance programs. This LED technology extends operation due to the low energy requirement of the light diodes compared with xenon lit stroboscopes. Proper operation is assured as concern of light failure during usage, common with xenon bulbs, is eliminated. The light output (Lux) of the LED’s is far brighter than xenon powered stroboscopes with the DT-365 outshining all comparable stroboscopes on the market from its array of 18 LED’s.


  • DT-365: NEMA 4X High Intensity LED Stroboscope with 18 LED's, Battery Powered with 120-230 VAC charger
  • Extraordinary durability with extruded aluminum, NEMA 4X (IP65) construction
  • Bright LED display and simple controls aid in user operation
  • Long Lasting, quick-charge NiMH rechargeable battery provides exceptional usage reliability
  • Phase shift (in degrees of delay time) enables visual analysis of rotating or reciprocating objects through all points of motion/time/angle
  • Flash controller dial permits accurate adjustments to the flash rate
  • LED technology greatly extends operation life and eliminates need to replace burned out bulbs
  • Capable of being synchronized with input signal from sensor or controller

Additional Info

  • LED
More Information
Display Yes
Features LED Strobe
Manufacturer Shimpo Instruments
Measurement 35
Power Battery Powered
Type Stroboscopes
Additional Skus DT365
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