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Ram Meter Inc. offers a complete range of test equipment and measurement devices to handle any application. Our various anemometers, humidity meters, moisture meters and weather meters will handle all environmental testing needs. Our large selection of clamp-on meters, digital multimeters and current clamps will handle all current, voltage and frequency measurements and more. We also carry a complete range of ground resistance test equipment, insulation testers and ohmmeters to suit all applications. Check out our informational videos for more information on the different types of test equipment including borescopes, laser distance meters, stroboscopes, and voltage detectors. Whatever your application, Ram Meter Inc. carries the test equipment you need.

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Amprobe Instruments ACD-20SW Swivel Clamp-on Meter

Amprobe Instruments ACD-20SW - Swivel™ Clamp-on Meter w/VoltTect™

Amprobe Instruments AM-530 True-RMS Electrical Contractor Digital Multimeter

Amprobe Instruments AM-530 Digital Multimeter - 10 AC/DCA, 750 ACV, 1000 DCV True-RMS w/VolTect™

Amprobe Instruments AM-560 Advanced HVAC Digital Multimeter

Amprobe Instruments AM-560 Digital Multimeter - 10 AC/DCA, 1000 ACV, 1000 DCV w/Dual Display & VolTect™

Amprobe Instruments AM-570 Industrial Digital Multimeter

Amprobe Instruments AM-570 Digital Multimeter - 10 AC/DCA, 1000 ACV, 1000 DCV True-RMS w/Dual Display & VolTect™


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