Time Mark Corp. Model 2532 Reverse Phase Relay, SPDT, Surface Mount


The Time Mark Model 2532 Reverse Phase Relay is designed to continuously monitor phase rotation of 3-phase lines. This device should be used in applications where proper phase rotation is critical, such as fan motors, compressors, grinders, elevators, etc. The solid-state sensing circuit drives an internal electromechanical relay which energizes when power, with correct phase rotation, is applied. The relay will not energize if the applied phases are reversed. It will de-energize if phase rotation is reversed while the motor is running. An LED indicator will illuminate with correct ABC phase rotation.


  • Senses phase reversal on Wye or Delta
  • 190 to 500 VAC range
  • Machine tool case
  • UL Recognized & CSA Certified

Additional Info

  • Surface Mount
  • Phase Monitor
  • Automatic
More Information
Features Phase Reversal Sensing
Manufacturer Time Mark Corporation
Measurement Phase Monitor
Type Current
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