Time Mark Corp. Model B471 Multi-Stage Pump Alternator - SPST, 120VAC


The Time Mark Model 471 Multi-Stage Alternator is designed to control the operating sequence of multi-stage pumping systems. It can also be used to maintain the desired level of pressure on air compressor systems. Four PUMP SELECT DIP switches located on the front panel allow the alternator to control a single-pump, two-pump, three-pump or four-pump system. Only one switch needs to be set for the total number of pumps in the system.

The Model 471 will assure that only the necessary pumps are operating, and that the run time for each pump is approximately equal. Pumps are sequenced "first-on" and "first-off." If the pumping demand requires only one pump at a time, the alternator will start the next pump in sequence each time an input switch is closed. Input switches may be float switches, pressure switches, flow switches, etc., as required by the application.


  • Model B471-120V = 120VAC, 60 Hz
  • Replaces mechanical alternators
  • User selectable for:
    • Single pump
    • Two pump (duplex)
    • Three pump (triplex)
    • Four pump (quadraplex)


  • Water supply systems
  • Sewage disposal plant systems
  • Storage tank filling systems
  • Air compressor systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water recycling systems
More Information
Features Automatic Alternating
Manufacturer Time Mark Corporation
Power 120V AC
Type Alternating Relays & Controllers
Additional Skus 471, B471, B471-120, B471-120V, B471120V
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