Yokogawa CA310 Volt/mA Loop Calibrator


The Yokogawa CA300 Series is a high accuracy source and measure portable handheld calibrator used to inspect and maintain the accuracy of control devices such as temperature controllers, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and other process devices which are used in process plants, industry machinery, and manufacturing.

The CA310 functions as a Volt/mA callibrator which is a specialized high performance model for loop inspection. The CA320 is a specialized high performance model used for T/C calibration. And last but not least, the CA330 is a specialized high performance model for RTD calibration. All 3 models provide an ergonomic and friendly user-interface making them easy to use.


  • Basic accuracy: 0.015% (Source & Meas. accuracy of Voltage mA)
  • 20 mA SIMULATE (SINK) function
  • Simultaneously supplies 24V loop power and measure output signal with high accuracy
  • HART/BRAIN comm. resistance (250Ω) embedded
  • Sub display displays span% of the source value
  • Corresponds to various types of source pattern (Step sweep / Linear sweep / Manual step / Span check)

Additional Info

  • Process
  • No
More Information
Manufacturer Yokogawa
Measurement DCA, DCV, Process
Type Calibrators
Additional Skus CA300, CA310, CA-310
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