ATC Automatic Timing & Controls 366C Series Long Range Counter

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ATC 366C Series*

The Automatic Timing & Controls 366C series is a microprocessor-based digital counter and is the most versatile and cost-effective counter ATC has ever built. No industrial counter has ever achieved a higher level of reliability and ruggedness than the 366C. It has no moving parts in its electronic logic circuits, only plug-in circuit boards which are computer-tested for reliability and assembled virtually without hand wiring. Its few mechanical components have been selected for reliable service; long life relays with heavy-duty contacts and rotary set point selector switches with extremely low wear characteristics.

Each 366C long-ranger covers the overall span of 1 to 99,900 counts in three switch-selected ranges of 1 to 999, 10 to 9990 or 100 to 99,900. It can be optimized within any selected range simply by removing appropriate selector knobs (ex. with the counter in the 1 to 999 range, you can obtain a tamper-proof span of 1 to 99 by setting the left selector at 0 and removing the knob.) To the right of the three-digit display, a counting bar () blinks on each time a pulse is received. At left, a marker turns on when the delayed relay is energized at count-out.

Packaged in a 72 mm DIN housing, the 366C occupies 40% less panel space than most other industrial counters. It is a true plug-in counter that can be replaced in seconds without disturbing housing or wiring. The 366C is also fully gasketed and O ring sealed to be dust and water-tight whether panel or surface-mounted.


  • Industry Standard Counter
  • Contact Bounce and Noise Immunity
  • Programmable Display
  • Wide Range of Counts
  • Compact, Plug-In and Dust Tight
More Information
Display 5-Digit LCD
Features Non-resettable
Manufacturer Automatic Timing & Controls
Power ACV
Range 1-999 Counts, 10-9990 Counts, 12-99, 900 Counts
Type Counters
Additional Skus 366C400Q30PX, 366C400Q50PX, 366C400R30PX, 366C400R50PX, 366C400T30PX, 366C400T50PX, 366C400N30PX, 366C400N50PX
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