ATC Diversified ARM-120-AFE Duplexor Alternating Controller w/Intrinsically Safe inputs - 120 ACV, SPST, Surface Mount


The ATC Diversified ARM series of alternating relays are a microprocessor-based controller designed for use in dual load installations to assure equal run time on each load. LED indicators show the status of the unit’s five intrinsically safe control switch inputs, one alarm, and two load outputs. H-O-A (Hand-Of-Automatic) switches, a lead select switch, and a test/clear button are provided for manual control. The ARM series reduces the number of components required for this application by combining many functions into one unit.


  • Microprocessor-based alternating relay
  • Designed to provide equal runtime on two loads
  • Five (5) intrinsically safe control switch inputs
  • UL913 listed device


  • Pump sequencing
  • Level control
  • Lift stations
  • Motor protection
  • Other industrial applications
More Information
Features Automatic Alternating
Manufacturer ATC - Diversified
Power 120V AC
Type Alternating Relays & Controllers
Additional Skus ARM120AFE
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