Crompton Instruments 012/013 Saxon Analog Panel Meters - DC Ammeters

Crompton Saxon DCA*

The Crompton Instruments Saxon Series surface mount analog panel meters are available in 2 case sizes: the 012 2½" and the 013 3½". The Saxon meters are designed to perform in demanding environmental applications and withstand high levels of shock, vibration, dirt and humidity sealed to IP54, NEMA 3, UL52 type 12/13.


DC Ammeters: ±2% of full scale

Ammeters: 1.2X for 2 hours, 10X for 5 seconds

At Ram Meter Inc. we can build virtually any meter for your application! Wether you're looking for a non-standard input range, a custom scale or if you want a company logo printed on your meter, give us a call or fill out our Custom Instrumentation contact form form and we will make sure you are taken care of right away.

More Information
Display Analog
Input DC Current
Manufacturer Crompton Instruments
Size 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch
Type Analog Panel Meters
Additional Skus 01201AALSLS, 01201AAMTMT, 01201AANGNG, 01201AAECMT, 01201AAECNG, 01201AAECNT, 01201AAECPK, 01201AAECPZ, 01301AALSLS, 01301AAMTMT, 01301AANGNG, 01301AAECMT, 01301AAECNG, 01301AAECNT, 01301AAECPK, 01301AAECPZ
Additional Details

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Please note: Many of our Panel Meters require modification before shipping. In these cases, delivery may be 3-5 days.

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