Crompton Instruments 239 Series Meter Relay - AC Ammeters

Crompton 239 ACA*

The Crompton Instruments 239 series meter relays combine a highly accurate indicator with High and Low set point relays. The relays can operate alarm and control devices when the monitored signal value moves outside the chosen set point limits shown by adjustable red index pointers. A single compact case houses the unit which requires only the input signal and power supply, thus saving space and installation time.



    Indicator Accuracy: Class 1.5
    Set-point Range: 98% of scale
    Set-point Accuracy: 1% of range
    Set-point Hysteresis: 2% of range
    Trip Repeatability: 0.5% of range
    Relay Trip-time: < 1 second
    Time Delay: 0-20 seconds (adjustable)

Max Continuous Input Current: 1.2x nominal (15A max.)
Max Short Duration Input Current: 6x niminal for 6 sec. (30A max.)

Damping Time: 1 second

Burden: < 0.5VA

Auxiliary Supply Burden: < 1.5W

Relay Outputs:

    DPCO contacts rated
    5A at 250 VAC
    5A at 30 VDC Resistive
    Electrical life > 10 to the 4th
    Power Operations at 5A, 250 VAC
    Contact Class IIB (IEC 60255-0-20)

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More Information
Display Analog
Input AC Current
Features Dual Set Point, Single Set Point
Manufacturer Crompton Instruments
Size 4.5 inch
Type Analog Meter Relays
Additional Skus 239-301A-LSMT, 239-301A-LSNG, 239-301A-LSNJ, 239-301A-LSNL, 239-301A-LSNT, 239-301A-LSPB, 239-301A-LSPK, 239-301A-LSPZ, 239-302A-LSMT, 239-302A-LSNG, 239-302A-LSNJ, 239-302A-LSNL, 239-302A-LSNT, 239-302A-LSPB, 239-302A-LSPK, 239-302A-LSPZ, 239301A 239302A
Additional Details

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