Fluke Electronics TPAK Magnetic Meter Hanging Kit


The Fluke Electronics TPAK magnetic meter hanger lets you hang your meter almost anywhere. The TPAK includes a universal hanger, a magnet, 9-inch (43 cm) and 17-inch (23 cm) "hook-and-loop" hanger straps. This universal hanger is designed to fit into the special module on the back of the meter. The TPAK allows you to hang your meter on a nail, hook or other object. You can add a piece of rope, flexible wire or cable to hang the meter in almost any position. The 9-inch (43 cm) and 17-inch (23 cm) hook-and-loop straps are used with Fluke's universal hanger to wrap around and connect to a pipe, beam or any other convenient support structure.

With this universal hanger, two hook-and-loop straps and the magnet, TPAK solves almost any hanging and positioning problem you may face with your meter. And finally, the special magnet accessory is designed to connect to either of the straps. The strong magnet accessory will attach to an electrical panel, a metal doorjamb or any other ferrous-type metal.

You can literally hang you meter ANYWHERE!


The TPAK is designed to work with:

  • 50 Series II Digital Thermometer
  • 70 Series III Digital Multimeters
  • 80 Series IV Digital Multimeters
  • 170 Series Digital Multimeters
  • 180 Series Digital Multimeters
  • 725 Multifunction Calibrator
  • 787/789 Process Meter
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Manufacturer Fluke Electronics
Type Accessories
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