Fuji Electric 4NC0R0 Series AC Contactors - 20A, Non-Reversing w/ACV Coil

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Fuji 4NC0R0 Series*

The Fuji Electric 4NC/4ND Series AC Contactors are compact, high performance contactors which will work in a variety of applications. The 4NC (Non-Reversing) and 4ND (Reversing) contactors feature a Super Magnet operation which is electrically controlled without chattering, contact welding, or coil burning. The Super Magnet accepts AC or DC coil control voltage and is available up to 10HP at 480VAC


  • "Super Magnet" operation
  • AC or DC coil voltages
  • Reversing or Non-Reversing options
  • 2 million electrical operations (The longest in the industry)
  • "Logic Level" aux contacts allow consistent operation down to 5VDC/3mA
  • Overloads offer "Open Phase Protection" as a standard feature
More Information
Features Non-Reversing
Manufacturer Fuji Electric
Rating 20 Amps
Type Contactors
Additional Skus SC-4-1, 4NC0R0101, 4NC0R0110, 4NC0R0201, 4NC0R0210, 4NC0R0A01, 4NC0R0A10, 4NC0R0B01, 4NC0R0B10, 4NC0R0C01, 4NC0R0C10, 4NC0R0E01, 4NC0R0E10, 4NC0R0F01, 4NC0R0F10, 4NC0R0G01, 4NC0R0G10
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