Fuji Electric AR22 22mm Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switches

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Fuji AR22 E-Stop Series*

The Fuji Electric AR22 Series emergency stop pushbutton switches are used in machine tools, industrial machines, control panels, distribution panels, and instrumentation panels. Pushbuttons improve interfacing with better layout and wiring, easier installation and increased safety. Reliability is also built in to handle complex multi-functional controls.

The AR22 series is configurable with a wide selection of choices. These 22 mm emergency stop pushbutton switches are available with push-lock, turn-reset, push-lock, pull-reset and key-release push-lock, turn reset heads. They can be ordered as either momentary or alternating action and in a variety of contact arrangements. The AR22 series is rated for UL, CSA, CE, CCC and TUV for added safety and security.


  • Available with a wide selection of head types
  • Both Alternating Action or Momentary Action types
  • 22 mm Diameter cut-out
  • Mountable in up to a 25 mm diameter cut-out
  • Provided with release arm
  • Provided with terminal cover for added safety and security
  • UL, CE, CSA, CCC and TUV approvals

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FUJI Pushbutton, Selector Switch & Pilot Light Quick Reference.pdf

More Information
Diameter 22 mm Probe
Features Emergency Stop Pushbutton Switch
Manufacturer Fuji Electric
Type Command Switches
Additional Skus AR22V0R-10R, AR22V0R-01R, AR22V0R-11R, AR22V0R-20R, AR22V0R-02R, AR22V2R-10R, AR22V2R-01R, AR22V2R-11R, AR22V2R-20R, AR22V2R-02R, AR22VSR-10R, AR22VSR-01R, AR22VSR-11R, AR22VSR-20R, AR22VSR-02R
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