Fuji Electric CP33EM Series Circuit Protectors - 3-Pole w/Series Trip & Medium Time Delay

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Fuji CP33EM Series*

The Fuji Electric CP-E and CP-V circuit protectors have been specially developed for computers, communication equipment and peripheral applications. In these situations, power irregularities can lead to serious and expensive damage, and reliable protective equipment is required. Fuji circuit protectors meet this need. These circuit protectors are available with ratings from 50mA to 30A. They are widely used in FA, office machinery, communication equipment and industrial computer-controlled equipment. They are also suitable for extremely severe service since they can withstand mechanical shocks up to 981 m/s.


  • Available in Instantaneous, Short Time, Medium Time and Long Time Delay types
  • Suitable for a wide range of electronic applications
  • Available with Inertia Delay Characteristics. These do not trip do to inrush current
  • Available Internal Circuits: Relay Trip, Series Trip, Shunt Trip and Switch types
  • 1-Pole to 3-Pole types can be operated with a single handle
More Information
Features 3-Pole
Manufacturer Fuji Electric
Rating 250V, 30A
Type Circuit Breakers & Circuit Protectors
Additional Skus CP33EM/1, CP33EM/2, CP33EM/2.5, CP33EM/3, CP33EM/5, CP33EM/7.5, CP33EM/10, CP33EM/15, CP33EM/20, CP33EM/30
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