HD Electric DVI-100 Digital Voltage Indicator - 100 kV


The HD Electric Digital Voltage Indicators, DVI-100, is a single point instrument designed to read the voltage on a conductor up to 100kV line-to-ground. The large LED readout is easy to read on the end of a long hotstick (sold separately) and can be used on overhead lines or in underground applications with an underground bushing probe (sold separately). The DVI emits an audible alarm when voltage above 100VAC is detected. It is very easy to use as there are no range selector switches or settings to be made – just contact the conductor and read the display.


  • DVI-100 includes: HP-DVI-2 2" Overhead Hook Probe & CS-DVI Carrying Case
  • Measures voltage up to 99kv line-to-ground
  • Voltage readout distinguishes between nominal and induced voltages
  • Audible indication when voltage is detected
  • Auto-shutoff and low battery indication features
  • Versatile for overhead and underground applications
More Information
Manufacturer Greenlee
Measurement 100 kV
Type High Voltage Equipment
Additional Skus DVI100
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