Hioki PD3129-10 PHASE DETECTOR Phase Rotation Meter


The Hioki PD3129-10 is designed to safely detect the phase sequence in three-phase circuits for electrical installation and maintenance. Conventional metallic-contact phase detectors are constructed with a voltage cable with standard metallic clips, requiring the technician to clamp onto exposed metallic parts of the conductor and introducing the potential danger of electric shock accidents and short-circuit accidents caused by accidental contact between two metal points. Needless to say, ensuring safety in electrical work has been an increasingly important issue. A long-standing proponent of safety at the workplace, HIOKI released the PD3129 Non-Metallic Contact Phase Detector in 2004 and achieved the goal of ensuring a safe working environment for our users.

To enable more electricians to take advantage of our advanced technology, we have increased the range of vinyl-insulated wires that can be clipped with the non-metallic voltage clips to up to 500 mm2 in size, and extended the operating voltage range to 1000V AC. With the all-new Phase Detector 3129-10, safe phase sequence testing can now be conducted in even more environments where the previous non-metallic-contact phase detectors could never be safely applied.


  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safe
  • Safe contact via the use of non-metallic clamp structure
  • Extra-large clips lets you clamp insulated wires of up to 40mm in diameter
  • Bright red LEDs let you detect phase orientation even in dark locations
  • Sharp buzzer gives audible recognition of phase detection
  • Line wire check function easily detects hot wires
  • Compact and lightweight - small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Auto power-off function extends battery life
  • Low battery state indicated by blinking LED
More Information
Manufacturer Hioki
Rating CAT II-1000V, CAT IV-600V
Additional Skus 3129, 3129-10, 312910, PD3129, PD3129-10, PD312910
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