Lascar Electronics EMC 1500 Elapsed Time Meter - 5-Digit, 5-27 DCV, Resettable, Hours

EMC 1500

The Lascar Electronics EMC 1500 is an easy to mount LCD digital elapsed hour meter. The meter features 9999.9 and 99999 hour ranges, resulting in 1/10 hour and 1 hour resolution respectively. A leading zero blanking input is provided allowing the user to switch off unwanted leading zeros. The meter incorporates an output that pulses high after every hour counted. This is particularly useful in applications where maintenance or inspection is required at regular time intervals. The timer features Trip and Total ranges. The Trip range can be reset to zero. The meter's readings are stored in the module's internal memory and are retained even when the unit is not powered. To mount the meter, drill a single 5.5mm (7/32") hole, locate its screw threaded stud through the hole and secure with the washer and nut provided. The meter's 8 connection wires pass through the hollow stud into the target application. A rubber seal is included, providing splashproof protection for the unit when fitted to the meter during installation.


  • Single Hole Mounting
  • 9999.9 and 99999 Hour Ranges
  • 9mm / 0.35" LCD Digit Height
  • Reset and Trip/Total Inputs
  • Leading Zero Blanking Input
  • Pulse Output Every Hour
  • Splashproof
More Information
Display Hours
Features Resettable
Manufacturer Lascar Electronics
Measurement Hours
Power DCV
Rating 5-27 DCV
Type Elapsed Time Meters
Additional Skus EMC1500| EMC-1500
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