Laurel Electronics QLS-1 Current Loop Splitter, Quad Output 4-20 DCmA w/85-264 ACV Power


In many industrial applications, the same 4-20 DCmA signal from a transmitter is sent to multiple devices in series, such as panel meters, recorders and PLCs. This can cause a number of problems. The Laurel QLS Quad Loop Splitter solves these problems by sourcing up to 4 independently adjustable 4-20 DCmA outputs from a single input. If any device in an output loop is removed from a loop or fails, or if a wiring fault occurs, the remaining loops continue to operate properly. Each loop only drives a single load, avoiding compliance problems. The input to the quad loop splitter can be 4-20 DCmA, 0-5 DCV, 1-5 DCV, or 0-10 DCV as selected by jumpers.


  • QLS-1 = 85-265 ACV Power
  • Accepts a 4-20 mA, 0-5V, 1-5V or 0-10V input signal
  • Drives 4 independent 4-20 mA outputs proportional to the input
  • Outputs can share a common ground
  • Opening any output loop does not affect the other loops
  • ± 10% zero and span fine adjustments for each output loop
  • Indicator LED for each connected output
  • Powered by 85-264 ACV (Model QLS-1) or 10-48 DCV (Model QLS-2)
  • 0.9" (22.5 mm) wide case snaps 10 35 mm DIN rails
  • CE and RoHS compliant
More Information
Input 0-5 DCV, 0-10 DCV, 1-5 DCV, 4-20 DCmA
Manufacturer Laurel Electronics
Output 4-20 DCmA
Power ACV
Type Transmitters
Additional Skus QLS, QLS1
Laurel_QLS_Specs (241.91 kB)
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