Phares ZS09P1-DF Zero Speed Sensor w/17/16-14 2.0" Thread, 6-24VDC w/SPDT NO/NC Power Relay Output


The Phares ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor is a self-contained device that combines sensor and switch for use in over speed, under speed, or zero speed applications. It senses magnetic or high iron content targets, depending on model #. Outputs are isolated and can be easily integrated with any controller or existing system. It is about the size of a prox switch, but incorporates intelligent speed sensing circuitry not found in simple on/off devices. Use the ZS09P Zero Speed Switch Sensor for switching control circuit loads up to 5 amps.

When motion is either detected or reaches set-point (depending upon application), the relay output changes state. It remains in this state until under speed or zero speed condition occurs (depending upon application).


  • ZS09P1-DF = SPDT N.O./N.C. Power Relay Output, 6-24VDC Input for sensing Ferrous materials
  • Self-contained unit incorporates sensor and relay
  • Isolated outputs with 5 Amp switching capacity
  • Operating voltages: 6-24VDC or 120VAC (depending on model)
  • Senses magnetic or ferrous targets (depending on model)
  • Use outdoors or in wash down areas
  • Adjustable Set-Point
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Not rotation direction sensitive
  • Relay latch option
More Information
Manufacturer Phares
Length 2.0" Thread Length
Output SPDT NO/NC Relay Output
Size 7/8-14
Type Digital Magnetic & Hall Effect Sensors
Additional Skus ZS09P, ZS09P1DF
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