Red Lion Controls RAM-6021 Industrial Router - 5 Ethernet Port, 1 Serial Port, w/Modbus/DNP3 Gateway


The Red Lion Controls RAM-6021 is an industrial router which provides secure network communication between local and wide area networks. With a rugged design and flexible platform, the RAM-6021 provides the ability to remotely connect, monitor and control assets across a variety of industrial applications. Add in robust security features, which include a stateful firewall, NAT translations and VPN connections, and the RAM 6021 delivers a compact all-in-one solution that seamlessly connects to existing Ethernet infrastructures, including networks with Modbus and DNP3 enabled devices.


  • Built-in security and routing protects against unwanted intrusion
    • Intrusion protection and secure data access
    • IPsec and SSL VPN tunnels
    • Port forwarding
    • Stateful firewall
    • Packet filtering
    • Access Control List (ACL)
  • Flexible all-in-one platform reduces complexity
    • Remote TCP/IP based capabilities
    • Integrated switching and routing
    • Serial-to-IP conversion
    • Access IP and serial devices simultaneously
  • Rugged, compact design deploys easily in space-constrained locations
    • -40 to +85°C operating temperature
    • DIN-rail mounting
  • Remote monitoring and control eliminates site visits
    • Instant access to SCADA data
    • Modbus and DNP3 (serial and IP) protocol support
    • Simple integration for complex configurations
    • ID routing to existing Modbus hardware
  • Web-based management simplifies deployment and configuration
    • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Key metric reporting
More Information
Connectivity DNP3
Manufacturer Red Lion Controls
Type Wireless Routers
Additional Skus RAM 6021, 6021
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