Senva C-2350VFD Automatic Split-Core AC Current Transducer - 0-135ACA/0-30AC/DCV


The Senva C-2350VFD is a self-calibrating AC current transducer that detects proof of flow on both variable frequency driven and constant volume motors on fans or pumps. The C-2350VFD automatically set the proper threshold, eliminating false alarms associated with varying frequencies. The C-2350VFD also detects motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps while reducing installation time.


  • C-2350VFD = 0-135 ACA / 0-30 AC/DCV
  • Window Size = 0.75"
  • Split-Core Design
  • Automatically Detects Input from 0-135A
  • Works without costly 'training' of sensor - our sensors are just plain smarter!
  • No need to open hot starter enclosures - save on labor as well as improve safety
  • Only VFD sensor line capable of functioning on VFDs to 0.5A
  • Sensor is always properly adjusted—no call backs
  • Push-button and LED interface:
    • Slow blink = normal operation
    • Fast blink = alarm
    • Fast learn mode (optional): Press/hold button 1 second, LED makes 2 fast blinks.
    • Go/No mode (optional) : Press/hold button 5 seconds, LED makes 3 fast blinks.
  • Easy installation and provides stop/start/status in unitary device—saves component and installation space/cost
  • Superior to differential pressure sensors
  • Industry leading 7 year warranty

Check out the optional Senva Command Relays for added flexibility and performance.

More Information
Diameter 0.75" window
Input 0-135 ACA
Features Split-Core CT
Manufacturer Senva
Output 0-30 ACV/DCV
Type Current Transducers
Additional Skus C2350VFD
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